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"Wolves and Whales" - 1980-81
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Fog - 1982
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"Wolves and Whales", My 1st purely electronic concert piece, was recorded in "New wildness" studio in N.Y.C. The materials were a recording of wolves and whales and a record of lessons in Swahili and some old bells. In 1982, a score of 3 wind instruments was added for a live performance in the old port of Jaffa. The piece, which was called "Fog", used a fog horn played from a police boat and was part of "spring in Tel aviv" festival produced by "Music of a New Dimention" (MND) series.

Hahom Ve'hakor (The Heat & the Cold) - 1981
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"Hahom Ve'hakor" (The Heat and the Cold) was written and read by Maya Bejerano.

Photo: Goni Riskin