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Excerpt from "The 81st Blow" 1

see "Audio - Cinema" for more info

Excerpt from "The 81st Blow" 2

Excerpt from "Baruch Agadati"

Black pomegranates and flowers - The life story of BARUCH AGADATI (1975)

The film was directed by Ilan Tiano. Agadati was a dancer, choreographer, film maker, entrepreneur and a painter . Born in 1895 in Moldova. at the age of 15 he immigrated to Israel , studied painting and taught social dancing. In 1920 he performed the first solo dance recital in Tel Aviv. He was the first to use modern music (Schoenberg) and the first to dance without music.  In the 20ths he started to organize Purim Balls and, like the Venice masked Carnival, he used the Purim masked tradition to produces parties and masked parades with thousands of admirers. He started the tradition of beauty contests in which the people chose "the Queen of the ball". the parades were called ADLOYADA and they still march in Purim every year. in 1929 he started to produce movies, some of them documentaries and some - feature films .  Getting older , he started to paint again, this time on silk-a very rare and difficult material for a painter.                                            Since no early work was filmed, Tiano invented a technique of animating still photos so we can see a dance.(25 years before photoshop; no video and no computer). In my score I related to the different artistic choices he made  :A Chasidic dance ,followed by a Yemenite rhythm, an early 20 century modern music-and then- a mysterious tunes full of exotic percussion to fit his magic last painting. He was interviewed for the film - but died before the film came out.

THREE AND ONE – 1974. Director - Michael Kalik.  Actors-Assy Dayan, Yona Elian.

M. Kalik was a very famous film director in Russia before coming to Israel in 60ths (after many difficulties) to make films that will deal with the cultural and social scene in his new state. The story deals with the conflicts between a disappointed veteran who lives in Eilat, a town he helped to liberate in the independence war, his much younger girl friend and his son, coming to a short visit. In the background - a camp of hippies finding resort in the far away town.

The film quotes new Israeli poetry (Amichai, Avidan ) which I set to music.

Openning Theme - Three and One

see "Audio - Cinema" for more info

Excerpt from "The Wooden Gun" 1

Excerpt from "The Wooden Gun" 2

Excerpt from "The Wooden Gun" 3

Excerpt from "The Wooden Gun" 4

see "Audio - Cinema" for more info

Excerpt from "Hagar'in Hakashe"

OUT OF THE  ROCK - A documentary (1980) about the work of the sculptor BOAZ VAADIA (1951-2017).

I was lucky, while being was in N.Y, to meet director and producer Arik Bernstein, who was looking for original music for a film about a sculptor who started to be internationally known - BOAZ VAADIA. The artist was very physical and the rhythm of hitting the wood became the signature of the music. I got help from two great Israeli performers - Eli Magen, the bass player and Mamelo Gaitanopulus   the saxophone and flute player.

Excerpt from "Out of the Rock"

Openning Titles - "Leshon Hamar'ot"

THE TONGUE OF THE SPECULAR ("Leshon Hamar'ot") - "Above the time"

This animism , taken from Bialick's great poem - THE POND, was the motto and name of a 17 chapters series which summed up the most  important events in Israeli literature in the 20th century. Done for the education TV and broadcasted in the commercial channel (1992-1993) - it was a huge project; many actors and actresses played the parts of the literary heroes. Prof. Gershon Shaked was the commentator and Lea Bairch was the director. I wrote and played the score, giving every writer a musical, historical  reference. The chapter brought here includes several short stories about the Nobel Prize winner Shay Agnon. 4 important Israeli writers read the texts, and of course Agnon himself:  A.B Yehoshua, Haim Pottok, David Grossman and S. Izhar. All talk about their relation to Agnon way of writing.

"Leshon Hamar'ot" - Excerpt from "Shai Agnon"

SOLO (1976): A musical  television series recorded by the EDUCATIONAL T.V.  Musicologist Dr HANOCH RON headed the series and ODED  BEERY directed. I wrote the music for the chapter who dealt percussion and rhythm . The famous guitar player YIZCHAK KLEPTER (CHURCHIL) was guest of honor .

Excerpt from "Solo-Bingo-Boom"


In the late 70ths a lot of visual artists were toying with home movies with a Super 8mm cameras. Video camera were   rare  , expensive, and  not easy to edit. The ZAVTA  club, a cultural center supported by the Kibuzim gave 4 artists who dabbled with film material and an evening to show the result. The painters Yair Garbuz and Raffi Lavie , musicians-me and my son who already edited super 8 film and an architect who will became an internationally famous director-Amos Gitai.

We lived close to the biggest Tel-Aviv outdoors market- Shook Hacarmel and we saw a big poster put by the city " Happy new year in a clean market" , a kind of wishful thinking , and wrote our own- HAPPY NEW YEAR at A YELLOW MARKET. we concentrated on red and yellow color and took popular T.V theme songs and recording of the market itself. The result was funny pop film.

Happy New Year

at the Yellow Market

Photo: Goni Riskin

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