Most of these videos were recorded in the ZIMMER CLUB during the years 2009-2020. This venue , its audience and its founder, video artist Ron Kazir, were dedicated to all kinds of noise, including special workshops, hosting foreign artists and non stop recording. My son, Guido, was the producer and editor of most works (including building and maintaining this web site). LOOP BARIBUA is a complicated job, utilizing 6 tape recorders, 4 loops and a record player that, beside playing a record, ran a tape loop with double speed. Some of the tapes had their own speakers. The different loops created a square (in Hebrew-Ribua).

Loop Baribua


following a visit to South Korea in 2016 where I recorded rituals and ethnic music, we added more public stuff (like children singing ) and found a way to run a loop through an electric bass, which responded when the slicing points touched the strings.

Korean Test


The name is a distortion of a Yiddish expression (like monkey business) but it has nothing to do with the work which is a  big collage (prepared by guido) of the first 20 seconds of many pop and rock songs. I start with a mini piano + vocal solo to prepare the right atmosphere and then the big stars come in.

Loop Gesheft


My idea was to hear tape sounds thru the leaves shredder. In order to produce the real  sounds we "fed" The shreder with a pre-prepared tape which ran into it.  The tape was shredded and fell to the floor, and was pushed back into the machine ,making horrible sounds. We ran a video which included destroying a wall and trampoline jumps which I recorded in the city of Yalta.

Leaves Shreder

Organ and cassettes (2014)

Unlike the other videos this was recorded in Jerusalem during the opening night of HAMAZKEKA, an important

Music and sound club. We were one of 5 duos to celebrate the premier.

It is almost impossible to cut long loops on the fragile mechanics of a cassette recorder, but we used machines with oyster shape closure so the loop can run better. Guido made 4 loops: two of them played synchronized pop songs: "Big Bad Joe" and "Raunchy" and I answered with an old Casio organ.

Organ & Cassettes Duet

Impro Eran Sachs with Alex Drool (2010)

Sachs and drool are great musicians, improvisers and dominant personalities in the Israeli noise scene (and also very funny).. I met them in the first days of the ZIMMER (2008) and performed with them.  Naturally, on my 70th birthday celebration in "Hateiva" they were the last performers ( with Ayelet Lerman and me).

Impro with Alex Drool & Eran Sachs


For that piece we collected noisy bathroom appliances : fans, electrical toothbrushes, shavers ,etc… and had a lot of fun with them, including audience participation. A composer friend told me how much he loved playing pieces   in which he could decide - 1 or 0 only.

The Great Dryers Show


A zimmer project with the municipal culture department: A live internet broadcasting into the city hall. It was not simple in the pre-zoom period.

We decided to use only instruments that we built. Shmil Frankel, a musician and instrument builder used a home heater and a knife. , Ariel - musician and club owner built the Sound Monster, and I prepared - with all kinds of rubber, strings, masking tape and such - a prepared piano with no keys. this was an enlargement of the zimmer "no instruments" twice-a-year festival in which only  home  made  instruments were allowed.


Really, you shouldn't have… (or - a lesson in polish)

A nursery polish song brought to Israel and translated many years ago was a stimulant for this work which is a weird polish lesson. We hear and see the song in both languages + old comic clips from the 30's. 3 famous entertainers disguise as 3 polish ladies in a weekly program 20 years ego, and many other inside jokes…

Really, you shouldn't have...


In this part of the Zimmer tapes festivals, we did a paraphrase on a forgotten song to which there is no official recording -  only a cassette from a party which we found after a long search. the group that preformed it was called Navadey Haukaf (The Saddle Nomads). they recorded a lot during the years 2003-2007 (mostly political rude post punk) but had no official products. We made some loops and added piano and voice (with the help of my grand daughter, Alma).

Do The Ta'awagi


In the line of kitchen ware "no instruments" festivals we did electric drills, carrot graters, dryers - but I love the milk frothies best of all. The main reason, beside bubbling noise, is what a flamenco guitar player can do with a milk frother touching the strings and achieving incredible speed touch.  Shmil Frankel was the guitar (and home flute) player and we just accompanied him all the way. 

The Milk frothies

MEDEA (1993) -  That year I tried, with actress Yafa Mor, to produce chamber version of MEDEA MATERIALS by German playwright HEINER MILLER. we did not make it but we used a budget donated for live theatre music to show some of our work. Some great theater composers contributed to that evening - Dory Parness, Eldad Lidor, Dan Handelsman and others. Our production included ethnic music (stating with a  wedding song from Morocco) and Yafa left the stage , playing  the Didgeridoo.



A Piano with Teeth


Tape, Turntable, Tablet & Video

The Seventh Seal

The Amazing Tennis Show (2018)


Alte Zachen!

Photo: Goni Riskin