"Evening Birds Dances"

Ankor Choir

"Dreams Fountain"+"Wall of Happiness"

Etti Ben Zaken

"The 81st Blow"

Shuli Natan


Michal Goldberg & Rinat Emanuel

"Brave man" + "Ya Bam Bam"

Rinat Emanuel


Rinat Emanuel

"Rachel" + German Subs

Shuli Natan

songs from "Birds Hanging in the Square"

"Tov Tov" from rock opera "Mami"

Mazi Cohen

songs from "ABS"

"ABS" - a political play by Diether Dehm (director: Reinhard Hinzpeter, music -Yossi Mar-Chaim) with the Free Frankfurt Acting Company.
Hermann Josef Abs coldly and soberly calculated (as head of Deutsche Bank) the greatest crimes of the Nazis such as the construction of Auschwitz and the invasion of the Soviet Union. Now a protest initiative wants his name erased from the register of honorary citizens of Frankfurt.

In this new play by Diether Dehm, a broadcasting company is now gearing up for an extensive TV documentary. The aim is to present the leading figure in post-war German financial history as objective and balanced a light as possible; In 1953, in order to prevent Germany to bear the true and entire reparation and debt settlement, A dealer was sent to London - A war criminal, Dr. Hermann Josef Abs. But in spite of a lot of evidence , against all odds, the station manages to whitewash the history of this important honorary citizen of the city of Frankfurt in the end, and much journalistic finesse, infotainment, polling, celebrity charm, songs and chorales are used in the process.
The music is naturally inspired by the Brecht-Weill body of works it does not remind a special song ,but emphasizes the tense ,cruel ironic of those horrible times of lies which continues, even more bluntly today.

"Hey Joe" - from the film "3 & 1"

Photo: Goni Riskin