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Kol Hanechalim - 1986
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Mechonat Hayeda Hahipnoty - 1986
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“Mamy” - A rock opera. Text and direction - Hilel Mittelpunkt. Music co-written with singer/songwriter Ehud Banay. Starring singer Mazy Cohen. The story is about a young woman who works at a gas station in a provincial small town and gets married to a soldier, a day before his draft  to the 1982 Leanon war. The same night he gets wounded and loses all his faculties. She puts him on a wheel chair and goes to a big city, hoping to better understand her fate .After many adventures she becomes a leader of a pro war party and leads Israel to a disastrous war. The opera was a big success, re-staged three times and adapted to a film which won the Israseli Academy of film award for best original score. 

Photo: Goni Riskin