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The Loudest Points, 2008

the Digital Art  Lab (DAL), Holon

The Loudest Points, 2014

Hamidrasha GalleryTel Aviv

(A Quote from exhibition text by my wife and collaborator, artist Michal Naaman)

…”The Curator Neta Eshel had an idea to ask "living couples" to do joined projects in the DLA. Yossi Marchaim, my partner in life, worked a lot with long magnetic loops - in this case a loop that would pass through 2 equal tape players, each plays the same sounds - with a time difference  in an endless loop. We tried to make the longest - 11 meters  which  will give 77 seconds. I took a work of mine from 1977 – collage Of "fish bird", a scream siren, on which was written in letterset "הבשורה על פי הציפור" (The Gospel According to the bird) and enlarged it on cardboard to the size of the room ( 7*260) which allowed the tape to cover the long distance as if he was patting the figures. The sound track needed to consider the dialog between the 2 tapes and we picked the vocal  dialog that is created between two female tennis players in a famous game: Maria Sharapova against Venus Williams. The YouTube called it "The Loudest points" which became the name of the work. The Shouts went into process of distortion and ambient electronic low sounds which centered the piece into a close space and filled the void between the shouting.

The installation was shown for 3 months ,and since it was in the 2nd floor you could think that a giant bird penetrated the DLA.

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Photo: Goni Riskin

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