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"April 16" - 16/4/2016


Like many works of mine, the name is the date .this work, which was written for the MUSICA NOVA GROUP, was performed on 16/4/2016. I wrote it for cello ,saxophone, keyboards and laptop which had electronic music ques. Some ques were taken from my interpretation of "GALLERY V" score by John Cage - which relates to the main theme of the work - shifting behaviors between the instruments and thus - copying typical and characteristic ways of treating the instrument, like vibrato, distortion, glissando etc… These forced,  unnatural instructions bring different results and strange sounds.

 Players: Tom Soloweychik - saxophones, Assaf Shatil - synth, Dan Winestein - cello.

Variations on "Wall"-26/12/2017

"Do not Go Gentle" - 26/12/2017


The variations are based on a work from 1983 and prove very useful for the concert in BASIS SCHOOL OF ART. I Played synthesizer and sang. Later violinist Neta Rudich and myself played my composition "Do not go gentle into that good night" which was the violinist suggestion ,  based on Dylan famous poem. the violinst recites lines from the poem while playing - which is really difficult and needs many rehearsals.















I returned to that poem in 2019 in the ALTERNADIV FESTIVAL, ( in Pardes Hana) reading and playing with composer and violist Ayelet Lerman ,  with whom I have a long relation of improvising together.(Since 2009). The work was totally improvised based on our former past, with a synthesizer I never met. It was broadcasted live and we were quite elated with the result.

Do Not Go Gentle - 16/11/2019

"Hineni" (impro) - 15/10/2010

HINENI (here I am) is an improvised piece, done on my 70th birthday with my long time partner-performer Michal Goldberg. who sings, dances  and play the clarinet. This impro is a part of a celebration in the TEIVA hall, home of the "21th Century Ensemble".








The work was commissioned by the piano duo Michal Tal (piano) and Nitai Zori (violin). The main idea of the short piece is tapping and knocking by hands and feet on the instruments and the floor with pencils, screwdrivers, etc… and bit of talking which imitate the sounds - hence the name of the piece. While writing we were reminded of Kafka short story "THE KNOCK ON THE MANOR DOOR" in which young brother and sister return from a walk and the sister knocks accidentally on a large manor door - with fatal result. The piece was broadcasted alive in the popular Thursday afternoon "ATNACHTA" program, and again-when I received the  yearly LIFE PROJECT AWARD from the ACUM organization.

"Tuk Tuk" - 15/10/2010

excert from "Kir Ha'osher" - 15/10/2010

"Kir Ha'osher" ("THE WALL OF JOY")_(10/2010)

This piece is a part of several sets of music to the great poetess Maya Bejerano, along with "The heat and the cold"(1981), "A letter" (1988) and more. Singer, actress and writer Eti Ben Zaken took part in all my vocal  works in the 90’s. See more in the audio department.

This video was recorded on my 70th  birthday concert and so were the 2 former videos the next one.











I played with Harold on and off since 1984 (see “Audio”). beside him we had his long time partner bass player Mark Smulian ,the violist Ayelet Lerman and Michal Goldberg - voice and clarinet.

Impro with Herold Rubin - 15/10/2010

"November" (2013)

The work "November" for cello and tape was written for a joined concert with composer Arik Shapira called "the Last Mohicans" and performed by the "Meitar" ensemble. The young cellist YOTAM HARAN was a member, and he had to get his cues from the electronic music which had no score - he just memorized his cues. He played it again in Levontin 7 music club. A  year later the work was performed by cellist Dan Winestein, who edited the score, in the "HANUT" club ,as a part of MUSICA NOVA date.

"November" for cello and computer

"Stage Hands" - 12/09/18

see "Audio - Classic" for more info

"Written Works" CD Launch Promo

Avaz Bemigdal David

excert from "Twins" 

excert from "Merov A'hava" 


"RAGE" - 27/03/19

see "Audio - Classic" for more info

"Phoenix" - 5/12/20

see "Audio - Classic" for more info

"60 seconds" - 2021

see "Audio - Classic" for more info

AVAZ BEMIGDAL DAVID - 1989 - Choir conducted by Zivia Sharet. Harold Rubin- Clarinet and Saxophone. Lighting design- Judy cupferman.

The name came from the piece Avaz and the location - the yard of  The Tower of David, a very important site in the geography of Jerusalem and a tourist attraction. The Israeli Festival asked several artists to create outdoor works and I luckily chose the Tower of David, because, as I found later, my lighting designer Judy could use their lighting source for the idea she had: design light by Midi Computer Commands. This was completely new and we had to pay for the use of machinery. After three month the lighting company announced that all their computers would have midi input. The  lighting design contributed immensely to the 3 evenings of performance.

TWINS -  In 1991 I received the prime minister award  for the ceremony which included award winner RON WIDBERG we played our on works. I wrote for this occasion apiece for two great players, HiLEL ZORY (cello) and NITAY ZORY (violin) who happened to be twins. I gave the violin the lower register (which can be played by a cello) and gave the cello high notes (which can be played by the violin). Since I asked them to dress alike it was quite difficult to knows who plays what. The piece is fast and short , and on its basis I wrote in 1992 the piece " TRIPLE DOUBLE '"for 3 couples of instruments.

OF TOO MUCH LOVE ("Merov A'hava") - Poem by Dalia Rabikovitch for soprano and 6 instruments.

Soprano - BRACHA KOL, conductor-SIMCHA HELED.

This is my only work that was commissioned and played in Kfar Blum music festival, which tended in the past to classical music. But in the year 1999  the famous Trio Yuval members (Simcha Heled - cello, Uri Pianka - violin, Jonathan Zak - piano) was very active in selecting the works, and had Jonathan Zak on the piano and Simcha Heled as a conductor in a difficult and aggressive piece, following the poem "TIME CAUGHT IN THE NET". The poem describes a young woman who breaks nails, dishes and cups "out of too much love". This phrase repeats itself 3 time at the end of the short poem and it became the name of the piece. Bracha Kol  ,who became later a prominent voice  as a singer of Israeli modern music, did an excellent job which included acting and improvising, while all the other parts were written in full.

DISRUPTED GOLDBERG (for piano and ensemble - December 2021) commissioned by MUSICA NOVA GROUP for the concert "SPONTANEOUS STUCKNESS"

Though the ensemble part can be performed with any group who can move their instruments while playing, this score was written especially for the current nova ensemble: piano, melodica, bass clarinet, classic guitar, double bass and tenor saxophone. The piano is in the middle of the stage and the other performers are in the corners far away from the pianist. Each player has a bag which includes the score, ping pong balls, marbles and similar objects.

1) The pianist starts to play variation nr.25 from The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach. Whenever he stops the ensemble starts moving toward the piano while playing their parts. When the pianist starts playing everybody friezes, like in the children game "Red Light." this part ends when the players approach the piano.

2) once they are close enough, they put aside their instruments and start, gradually start to throw stuff into the piano/after a certain climax has been achieved the pianist starts to play the closing phrases of the variation and the players return to their instruments and play an 8- bar coda.

3) the players roll on the floor, towards the audience the remaining marbles.

On the premiere on 6/3/2022, the pianist Assaf Shatil conducted the whole piece.

Photo: Goni Riskin

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